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Types of SAP system copy
Copy only specific data
The initial screen will then, for example, already show an overview of the - in some cases automatically - integrated systems and their status, as well as system information such as release, patch level and the like. The use of a comprehensive dashboard will then also be included.

With the definition of package groups, the parallel processing of packages can be configured beyond the definition of the order: All defined groups run in parallel to each other. For each group the parameters jobNum, taskArgs and loadArgs can be defined separately.
Easy integration also in the system copy of systems of older releases possible!
The solution does not use software agents. The use of standard protocols for the interaction of tool (client/server) and source system and tool with target system has proven itself, exclusively for the purpose of system copy creation. Whereby the use of a single point of management and control has also proven its worth.

Regular updating reduces operational risk and improves the quality of the multi-level system landscape. To update the non-productive systems of an SAP landscape, the data must be cloned from the productive system. This is time-consuming and requires very complex rework.

SAP system copy is made much easier by the "Shortcut for SAP Systems" application.

Provide your QA, test and training systems with current production data at the push of a button.

If you want to get more information about SAP basis, visit the website

The tool from Automic, a specialist in business automation, allows SAP system copies to be created almost fully automatically.
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