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Scope of the SAP system copy
What is System Copy as a Service?
Without interrupting operations, we copy your systems using established methods and products. We guarantee consistent quality and reliable reproducibility through standardized processes and a high degree of automation. Due to the SAP system copy, the test and development systems are up to date and tests can be performed reliably and trustworthily on the non-production systems.

The suite idea has established itself here as well as in many other software areas. And for good reasons. In addition, such automation tools are moving even more strongly in the direction of the IT topic of system management.
SAP system copies and the DSGVO
Partial copies from SAP systems with the help of tools open up potential savings and in many cases make system copies and complete client copies superfluous. The ability to anonymize data reduces the effort required to comply with data protection regulations in training systems, for example. In addition, up-to-date, consistent test data improves the flexibility and quality of development and test environments. Users save money through reduced resource requirements.

In the case of BSC, sophisticated mechanisms make it possible to exclude configuration errors, since relevant parameter settings are made automatically and according to predefined rules. For example, it is automatically recognized whether the system is an Abap, Java or double-stack system.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems" you get additional functions for the SAP system copy.

And if the SAPHana database is running on the source system, it will also be used on the target system.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

The guideline that integrated job logic is preferable to customizing has also proven its worth.
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