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SAP system clone and copy
The system copy
Third-party tools sometimes have a different focus than TDMS. The tools each offer a more or less generally understandable user guidance and are thus "out-of-the-box" products that do not require external consulting on implementation or application.

Transaction IMIG comes with extensive online documentation. It describes the preparations, the general procedure in the form of a quick guide, the individual steps in detail, typical error situations and the problem-solving procedure.
Update more efficiently
System copy of a Unicode system: Source and target system are Unicode systems. The same procedures can be used for the copy, as with the copy of non-Unicode systems.

Homogeneous system copy: In this type of copy, the operating system and database on the target system are the same as on the source system. So Windows remains Windows and Linux remains Linux. And if the SAPHana database is running on the source system, it will also be used on the target system.

There is a useful product for SAP system copy - "Shortcut for SAP Systems".

Note that when a long-term system is created from a system copy, a system copy may be needed for updates later in the system's life cycle.

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

If the data stocks become obsolete, they can be updated by another system copy.
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