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Purpose of the SAP system copy
SAP system copy and the cloud
An SAP system copy is an important part of a company's IT operations, as it helps reduce the risk of data loss. However, it is important to regularly schedule and monitor the creation of system copies to ensure that a working copy of the system is available in the event of an emergency.

Internationally active companies that operate systems with several terabytes of data and hundreds of users in different time zones depend on high system availability. If necessary, the system is copied incrementally, table by table, on weekends and at night. Complete shutdown of the production system is best avoided altogether.
Differentiation between homogeneous and heterogeneous SAP system copy
In advanced SAP systems, there are also methods such as system cloning, which allows an exact copy of a production system to be created and used as a test system. These methods save time and effort in creating system copies and allow companies to make their IT processes faster and more efficient.

Packages that have not been explicitly assigned a special DDLORA file receive the DDL file specified via the "ddlFile=" parameter. The default is DDLORA.TPL.

SAP system copy can be done easier and faster with "Shortcut for SAP Systems".

When executing a system copy, all tables, processes, databases, etc. are taken into account when copying.

Some useful tips about SAP basis can be found on

The SAP system copies required for this are quite time-consuming and complex, but also offer very great automation potential.
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