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SAP Notes or Notes
Service Manager with SAP Know-How
If a failure occurs, we commit to fix it or find a temporary solution within a strict timeframe defined by the SLA. With critical functions of the system this can even be 4 hours!

Scope of SAP Support Services: The following services are included with SAP Support. These can of course be expanded and customised as needed.
Together for success
Indirect Usage Depth Analysis - Result: We provide you with the necessary overview to prepare you for an audit. Quantitative assessment of commercial risk for in-scope applications are included here.

Unlike other hostels, all our contacts are in Germany. Also those who take the phone off at night by 2.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes it easier and faster to complete many SAP support tasks.

Are you still planning traditional introductory training? Forget it.

SAP Transformation Hub is a team of highly qualified experts and corporate architects.
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