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To sum up, we can say that both support services naturally overlap from time to time. Often, SAP Support team members are looking for an application management services solution to resolve an acute problem so that a similar problem can no longer occur in the future.

Please do not hesitate. Every request also helps us to improve the system and our working methods.
As a permanent or reliable backbone
In complex projects, the maintainer of a particular order is a SDE - Service Delivery Executive. Its mission is to process customer enquiries, to create a team of specialists responsible for your company's system, and to report regularly on the status of your tickets.

We are the contact person for all technical issues for SAP ERP and SAP Solution Manager and act as an interface between you and the hosting partner. It is available for regular voting by telephone, over the Internet and also on site.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" is a PC application that simplifies or even enables many SAP support activities.

And from that, the cause of the disorder is now to be identified.

Your employees will be relieved enormously.
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