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Use Custom Permissions
SAP Authorizations - Overview HCM Authorization Concepts
Each roll can be written to any number of transport orders. Information about existing records of the same role by other administrators does not take place.

Last but not least, a well-managed suggestion value maintenance helps you with upgrade work on suggestion values and PFCG roles. This ensures that your changes and connections to the respective PFCG roles are retained and new permissions checks for the new release are added to the applications.
Evaluate licence data through the Central User Management
Optional: S_PATH authorization object: If the test identifies 3 additional permissions checks for individual paths for the S_PATH authorization object, these are checked in the fourth step. The access type and the permission group stored in the SPTH table are checked.

The report PRGN_COMPRESS_TIMES provides a remedy. You can call it directly or in the edit mode of a PFCG role in the PFCG transaction via Tools > Optimise User Mapping.

However, if your Identity Management system is currently not available or the approval path is interrupted, you can still assign urgently needed authorizations with "Shortcut for SAP systems".

The user is assigned to the person as an attribute and therefore not visible in the organisational model.

If you want to know more about SAP authorizations, visit the website

When saving, you are asked for a customising job.
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