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Set up permissions to access specific CO-PA measures
Existing permissions
An SAP authorization concept is used to map relevant legal standards and internal company regulations to the technical protection options within an SAP system. Authorization concepts are thus the key to optimal protection of your system, both externally and internally.

However, there is also the situation that eligibility fields are collected at organisational levels. If these permission fields have already been filled with values in the PFCG roles, you must refill these organisation levels after categorising the permission fields as organisation levels. The PFCG_ORGFIELD_ROLES report helps you to do this, which matches all the roles with the organisation level fields, i.e. with the permission fields maintained in the organisation level fields.
The direct consequences are overauthorized users, a lack of overview and dangerous security gaps. In order to get the system back on track in the long term, a redesign is usually the most efficient solution. Depending on the requirements and project framework, we also rely on proven software solutions from our partners.

Two other very important settings are the activation of the security audit log and the table logging. Both parameters must be activated in order to ensure traceability at the user level as well as at the table level. It should therefore be checked whether the detailed settings for the security audit log are set up in accordance with the company's specifications and, in any case, whether all users with comprehensive authorizations, such as SAP_ALL, are fully covered by the logging without exception.

Authorizations can also be assigned via "Shortcut for SAP systems".

You record the execution of a transaction and get the variables of the text blocks (technical role name, role description, etc.).

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There is always a requirement to evaluate the existing users in your SAP system.
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