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User name with restrictions - how?
FAQ on SAP Basis
In order for your SAP system landscape to function permanently, it requires error-free installation and regular support. You can rely on these services:

An SAP landscape is made up of numerous individual modules that are fully compatible with each other and can be used to map the business processes of all areas of a company. SAP Basis is used to ensure the functionality of the individual modules.
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People tend to forget how important this element of the architecture is. The structure associated with it often proves to be especially important for companies that want to implement the SAP system for the first time.

SAP Basis is the core component of any SAP infrastructure. Both in older versions such as R/3 and the current S/4HANA. It ensures that the necessary services and foundations are provided for the SAP system and all applications. The biggest advantage of an SAP environment over specialized tools - its variability - also makes for great complexity.

Some missing SAP basic functions in the standard are supplied by the PC application "Shortcut for SAP Systems".

Verify that the data file was generated.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

Many customers are currently faced with the question of whether or not to migrate your SAP system.
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