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Administration SAP & SAP HANA
Administrators often need to replicate part or all of a database, for example, to create a system backup or test an upgrade before putting it into production. In the past, this was surprisingly difficult to do with most databases. With HANA, replication works instantly and provides richer functionality and better control than previous databases.

The identification of critical SAP permissions for the use of an SAP system must therefore be carried out in any case. In addition to permissions, you can also identify critical profiles and roles that are already in the delivery state.
Objectives of the training SAP HANA - Installation and Administration:
ABAP is therefore the tool of the trade for SAP developers. ABAP programs are executed on an SAP NetWeaver application server, which in turn is operated by SAP Basis employees.

SAP Basis Administrators ensure smooth operation of your SAP landscape. Our administrators take care of the databases, operating systems and your applications.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes it easier and quicker to complete a number of SAP basis tasks.

He commandeers soldiers, storms the town hall and even detains the mayor.

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The person responsible ensures smooth operation of the system.
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