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Monthly reporting / reviews
If you look at everything I've described up front in its entirety, it quickly becomes clear which direction things are headed: the SAP basis will increasingly move toward an SRE-centric environment over the next decade. This is what the future of SAP looks like, and I look forward to an exciting journey.

SAP Basis Support ensures secure operation of the SAP system landscape. For proper operation of the SAP system, the database and operating systems must be checked on a daily basis.
SAP on Azure or on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable, reliable platform for your current and future SAP HANA requirements. Achieve optimal performance for your entire system by migrating to Azure or AWS. Get the best of both worlds!

Verify that the data file was generated. If it was not created, make sure that the [Page 10] Recreate Data File settings in SPAM settings are enabled. For more information, see Note 70752. ADD_TO_BUFFER In this step, the queue is placed in the transport buffer of your system.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

The quality of an official SAP training course (course material in English).

Some useful tips about SAP basis can be found on

Patches are performed by the external SAP Basis team.
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