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Defined service level agreements (SLAs)
To facilitate communication within IT departments, it is necessary to identify clear communication channels and contact persons and also to use uniform tools for communication. It would also be possible to designate contact points (contact points) for upstream and downstream IT departments and external service providers and suppliers.

In the SAP Basis area, it is necessary to make temporary changes to the security settings of clients and systems in the course of system updates. You can use the system changeability variable to specify whether changeability of cross-client data, such as programs or menus, and cross-client customizing is allowed.
Solutions for production environments and as proof of concept (PoC)
The Security Audit Log (SAL) is one of the most important elements when it comes to security in your SAP landscape. With SAL critical and security relevant activities in SAP systems can be recorded and evaluated. The settings in SAL are relevant for secure continuous operation.

SWPM - the Software Provisioning Manager integrates the classical tools like sapinst, ehpup, etc. for the maintenance/installation of SAP systems.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" complement missing functions in the SAP basis area.

The application servers provide the services for running SAP applications.

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