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Application layer (application server and message server)
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You can control the access rights as usual. The big advantage of CMC tab configuration is that you can easily grant or withdraw group access to specific tabs. This gives you the ability to prepare background access permissions and then unlock all permissions by clicking on the CMC tab configuration. On the other hand, this allows you to remove accesses without having to edit any existing permissions. Have you already experienced CMC tab configuration or have questions about the application? I welcome any suggestions you may make as a comment.

Expand your SAP landscape by adding new functionalities or installing SAP Enhancement Packages (EHP). Even if you want to update your SAP system to the latest version, we will be at your side to ensure that your systems remain up-to-date and functional. All services at a glance:
Implementation of the Transport Management System (TMS)
The HANA database (in-memory database) is an in-house development by SAP and brings with it numerous innovations. For example, it is automatically monitored by the system. In addition, it stores not only operational (user-generated) data, but also system data for controlling application content as well as configuration tables.

SAP Basis represents the cornerstone of the SAP system, i.e. the foundation without which the system cannot function. Furthermore, it includes some administration tools and middleware programs. These programs can be used with the help of SAP Basis independently of the operating system and database used.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" is a PC application that simplifies or even facilitates many activities in the SAP basis.

In this case, the critical SAP permissions are usually predefined by special verification software.

If you want to get more information about SAP basis, visit the website

The SAP Basis Plug-In is a software component that provides SAP components with BW Service API technology as well as CRM Middleware, Supply Chain Event Management, and Financial Basis functionality to connect to these systems.
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